Textile Designer and Printer of Silks

Carol studied ‘Zen’ and Japanese culture on her recent Masters Degree (not forgetting ‘Zen and the Art of Road Tankers’)

“I followed road tankers into laybys, onto services and through cities, sketching and photographing them. Whale Tankers (Birmingham), were fabulous and very supportive. Driving to and from University, the rear lights of tankers danced like butterflies and I later sketched them - creating gallery hangings and art pieces from the shapes. The round rear of the road tanker connected with my studies of Japanese Culture”

“The ultimate discovery of my study of the ‘Zen’ Craft Masters was that they do not work ‘with their eyes’ as we do in the West, but from their ‘Soul Centres’. In my studio, I opened the doors. My sheep maaed in the adjacent field and birdsong became part of my being. It was a beautiful day. I surrounded myself with tools and printing screens. Stretching a length of silk on my print table, I quietened my mind, printing on the silk in meditation. It was a profound experience."

“I hope you love my designs as much as I do. Lots more to come i.e. matching bags, jackets, ‘Opera Capes’ etc”.
Carol Mackenzie Gale