Contemporary Crafts Festival, Bovey Tracey


Carol   Mackenzie  Gale

At the Contemporary Crafts Fair, Bovey Tracey.

Posting a couple of pics of my recent show. Mel was amazing, putting up and helping throughout. I don’t think I would have been able to do it without him. We were both absolutely exhausted.


Mel erecting my stand.

The week before was one long hump of stuff into the car and caravan. My scarves didn’t arrive until a couple of days before and they were a bit disappointing. However, too late to do anything before the show. My designs looked fabulous. Everything priced and coded, stands fitted into the caravan, we were off. On Wednesday, the campsite opened at 3 and it was absolutely torrential. Oh my God! So many little trucks chewing up the ground. The marquee company were still erecting the huge marquees and the mud just got boggier. Everyone was soaked. Awful. We got permission to dump big stuff in my stand (otherwise we would not have been able to get into bed or to the loo in the caravan!!). So that was great. We were thinking of driving home every night. Thank goodness we didn’t because we collapsed each night, exhausted.

Long silk scarves, pure silk ties and silk pocket hankies. Also pure silk lampshades.


Thursday was putting up day. It was still torrential and with more trucks, cars, vans etc. driving around creating a deep bog of mud. I couldn’t help thinking that it was not conducive to people buying fragile silk scarves! My stand looked tiny, much smaller than I was expecting but thankfully, having created the mini stand, everything fitted in perfectly. I didn’t put out as many scarves as I had intended. It is always difficult to know just how much to take. Had I known, I could have saved £304 on extra insurance! We had from 9 am – 4 to put the stand up, then we had to go and prepare for the Private View 6 – 8 pm. That was hectic but fun. Met lots of lovely people and had many positive comments.

Friday was better weather but still boggy outside. I had so much wonderful positive feedback and met some characters. The Ceilidh in the evening was lovely. I said to Mel, ‘I am having no wine tonight’, Hah! Saturday was raining once more and Sunday was a bit better. I had a lot of feedback saying that perhaps I was more High Fashion, and should be showing in London, Paris, Milan etc. Yeah! How to get there? That costs serious money!!! Anyway, there were a lot of exhibitors selling very beautiful and expensive goods.

A beautiful colourful array of pure silk scarves designed by Carol.

Well, what will the future hold? Who knows?


With my dear friend Debbie Watson who came all the way from Bristol to see me.

Thank you so, so much to the many supportive friends who visited with hugs at the show. That meant a lot. And to all those visitors who gave me positive feedback and advice and to those who bought an item which I hope you love and cherish. Life is a learning curve and I am ready to learn and to move on now. Feedback always welcome.